SAENGGREEN pure white beauty

A cosmetic pursuing a bright woman looks pellucid

pure white beauty

Characteristics of pure white beauty product

1. Clean and transparent skin
Medicine solution’s excellent ingredients, whitening ingredients complex of Oil-Soluble Glycyrrhiza extract and Medicine ingredient extract, which is approved by MFDS strength whitening effect suppressing the production of melanin.

2. Soft and moist skin
Deliver moisturizing benefits and help the anti-aging through improving the barrier of the horny layer.

3. Mild cosmetic
Proved that it’s mild without skin irritation but has excellent whitening effect through professional clinical tests and consumer tests.

Functional whitening component(Oil-Soluble Glycyrrhiza extract+Niacinamide) and Seanggreen’s patented ingredient Medicine ingredient extract have mixing multiplier effect, it’s whitening special bland which is approved by MFDS, making clear and clean skin without skin irritation.