Prizing all traces of those years, A skin tonic, Two functions


Characteristics of Jabiyeon product

The essence of Medicine cosmetics, Skin’s tonic - Jabiyeon

  1. Five seeds ingredients, which contain spirit of life and Medicine ingredients like ginseng, deer antlers, acanthopanax remove skin’s unbalance and skin’s age
  2. A salt plant in the sea, Sea-blite’s full vitality keeps the tired skin from stress and external environment refreshed and helps to balance of yin and yang
  3. Liposome treatment with functionality active ingredient Adenosine and Oil-Soluble Glycyrrhiza extract, absorbs it into deep and makes dull, shriveled face clean and tight
  4. Medicine complex Ehyeoljin made from Dong quai, Licorice, Cnidium, Omija, White woodland peony, makes a good color on the face by proceeding the energy and the blood without a hitch
  5. It contains Gold, the only thing never disappears in the world and the highest treasure from the nature, the spirit of Gold spreads on the face and makes fresh, rich, healthy, and beautiful skin

Deep down inside nine-fold palace The queen’s understated figure, More beautiful, deeper woman’s figure without showing herself
We put Pioneer’s soul who led elegant art and strong science in a history of five thousand years into JABIYEON
You who know the real life value, have real beauty of the queen
JABIYEON is magnetic in front of the skin age