SAENGGREEN Meahwa hyang

High-class fermented medicinal cosmetics with full of apricot’s four seasons


Characteristics of Meahwa hyang product

Use in the order listed at the top of the product

1. Medicine cosmetic, keeping to the basics by prescription controlling the energy, the blood, the body fluid
2. Keep Dull skin caused by Lung, liver, spleen, kidney insufficiency clean and healthy
3. Plant ingredients keep skin clean and clear
4. High-class fermented medicinal cosmetic fermented spring, summer, fall, winter 4 seasons’ spirit

It’s Fermented medicinal cosmetic, strengthening and making your skin clean and clear by Saenggreen’s traditional rice straw fermentation and harmlessness prescriptions for skin safety(free of eight harmful additives : Paraben, Benzophenone, Pigment, Ethanol, Minerals, Sulphate, Amine, Propyleneglycol)