SAENGGREEN laboratory overview

1.Established and certificated the institute

The institute which has had for six years, since the company was founded, promoted to the Institute of Electronic Technology on July 1, 1999

It has recognized Enterprise Annex Research Institute from Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association on October 13th,2000(No.20004179)

Major organ location : Research Planning Division, Fundamental Cosmetics Research Team)

Auxiliary organ location : 822-4 Jeong Chonri,
(Medicine Research Laboratory, Makeup Research Team, Health Food Research Team)

2.Saenggreen Institute’s study ideology
Saenggreen Electronic Technology is where Korean medicine, Cosmetics science and food science meet.
We do study for human’s healthy and beautiful lives based on medicine philosophy ‘Holism’
Recently emerging ‘Well-being’ has been Saenggreen Institute’s major study object since the company was founded in 1987
3.Personnel Organization
A Korean medicine doctor works on the medicine study as a research and development advisor, and we have 14 people who take full charge of research 1 doctor, 8 master, and 8 bachelor, have been working on development of good and fundamental research.
4.Major study hardware

Saenggreen Electronic Technology is having more than 120 species of research facilities and has invested lots of research and development cost in specially natural objects study and effectiveness.

An Analysis and a dosage form research hardware : HPLC, UV/Visible spectrophotometer, GC, IR, SPF
Analyzer, Rheometer, Skin Testing Device(Cutomer, Tewameter, Sebumeter,
Mexameter, Corneometer), Viscomerter Coloration Tester. etc

Natural objects and biological activity research hardware : Speed var concentrator, Lyophilizer, Refrigerator(-80℃), Thermos-hygrostat, Ultrapure water, PCR equipment, Elisa Reader, Fluorescence microscope, CO2 Incubator, etc.

Lab structure and main
research areas
Research Planning Division
Research Planning Division
Research on developing new material In validity to cosmetic ingredients
Products research planning and products trend investigation
Research trend of food and cosmetics scientist and Technology trend research
Skin care products research team
Research and development of better skincare products
Research on new formulation to develop new style cosmetics
Research on a manufacturing process for cosmetics to be in the best quality
Research on natural and mild to skin preservative and natural perfume
Color Cosmetic Research Team
Medicine color cosmetic research
Health Food Research Team
New health functional food’s development and more efficient product development research
Development an excellent effective new material as a health food
Korean medicine science laboratory
Search the virtue of herb medicines and natural objects
Study how to extract natural objects keep active sustainable
Prove the effectiveness of raw materials. Skin-lightening, Reducing wrinkles, and Anti-aging, etc.
Development of independent medicines effectiveness raw materials

SAENGGREEN Institute results

Individual reserch
- Beulro sap development
Brand Beauty ingredient
Patent application: Mixed plants extract of Sangji, Sangbaekpi, Sangsimja, Sangmok and its manufacturing methods
- Apricot flowers fermented water
Brand Beauty ingredient
Fermented apricot flowers
- Plum, leaves of Plum, roots of Plum fermented product
Developed Beauty ingredient on Korea traditional techniques Rice straw fermentation
Patent application: Skin-lightening cosmetic composition containing fermentation extract of Plum, leaves of Plum, and roots of Plum
- Plum blossoms extract
Brand Beauty ingredient
Patent registration: A composition contains Plum blossoms, Apricot flowers extract having antioxidant activity as active ingredients
- Geonyangdan
Brand Beauty ingredient
Patent registration: Cosmetic compositions contains combined plant extracts like Poria cocos etc and have an effect for prevention of hair loss and promotion of hair grow
Joint research

- Wrinkle improvement functional cosmetics’ effectiveness which are based on

Ursolisome and safety clinical study

Joint research with Dermapro dermatology research center

Developed Brand’s Wrinkle improvement functional cosmetics

- Search natural objects which have antioxidant properties to make cosmetics

Joint research with Seoul National University of Technology

- Medicines’ osteoporosis treatment effect research

Joint research with Hanrim University Medical Center

- Human body skin patch test

Joint research with Dermapro dermatology research center

Human body patch test to confirm the safety for Saenggreen products and main material

Clinical demonstration study

- National policies subject of a research

1) Developed functional cosmetics using antioxidant materials of salicornia herbacea extracts
(Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2005-2007)

2) Developed cosmetics using oil (The Small and Medium Business Administration, General subject 2005-2006)

Research paper

1) The confederation symposium poster presentation in 2003 (2003. 5. 24)

Subject: Development of Health functional food and Direction of research
(Food functionality/Biology activity area)

Title: Biology activity of Cypress essential oil

2) Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidative effect of Cypress essential oil

Korean Cosmetic Association, 2004, 30thBook4Ho,pp503-507

3) Biologically active of roses and plant extracts

Korean Cosmetic Association, 30thBook4Ho,2004

4) Biology activity of Pinaceae plants ethanol extracts

Korean Cosmetic Association, 31stBook1Ho,2005