Cultural creation on health and beautifulness

Our company is producing natural Korean medicine cosmetics, health functional food, and sanitary aid,
contributing to health, well-being, and real beauty of human being.

생그린 전경

Since Seanggreen,.Ltd was established in 1987 “creating healthy and beautiful culture” as a company motto,
we have focused on developing health functional food and high quality cosmetics suitable for our physiology through scientification
of Korean medicine.

Also our company has been implementing customer-oriented service fulfilling customer’s require and
convenience through product-oriented policy and honest marketing to deal with rapidly changing information, technology, and customer’s taste.
Seanggreen which reaches forward to an A-1 human being, an A-1 product, an A-1 corporation, puts top priority on honest and reliability,
so we will become an honest future enterprise which makes a constant effort for your health and beauty,
breathing together beside customers in the 21stcenturyaswell.

Seanggreen will do the best to provide the best quality goods and services for human beings’ brighter, healthier futures which every each customer wishes and beauty of individuals

All executives and staff members of Seanggreen will develop to the enterprise which fulfills its social responsibility and trusted by customers


생그린 CI 이미지
Classic style of penmanship shaped (Copperplate), expressing one G from duplicate G,G
For attracting attention and differentiate, we wanted to take it as a representing sign of Seanggreen by making the G slightly bigger and gold color. The type of G combines the leaves of the plant symbolizing vegetable drugs to emphasize a professional medicine cosmetics company and adds a meaning of torchlight, reflects Seanggreen’s constantly burning and challengin willingness Rounded sharp curves on top of it, look forward to constant future-oriented willingness and prosperity of Seanggreen reaching forward to an A-1 human being, an A-1 product, an A-1 corporation and symbolize strong competitiveness to the world without boundaries.
생그린 CI 이미지
The basic color of word mark, seeking the eternal beauty world with the mysteries of nature, has been decided to use a depth and rich dark green(noble green) to indicate a corporation, armed with Green mind of Nature-friendly, dreaming the beauty of nature, and we colored the middle G GOLD to unlock the value of the identity and parlay the recognition at once.


  • 2010~2016
  • 2004~2009
  • 2003~1987
  • launched 「Naijium wrinkle care essence」
  • Launched health functional food(The third functions Gamma Linolenic acid Gold, the fourth functions Omega-3&Lutein Gold, the third functions a Queen Hopcal premium, the fourth functions marathon premium)
  • Launched health functional food (The third functions Omega-3&Lutein Gold, the fifth functions Good morning mixed lactobacillus premium, the third functions spirurina COQ10)
  • launched「Danjang Yunbit Boeum Cushion, Vision for men skin repiner, emulsion」
  • Specified CGMP suitable business
  • 02.16 Launched 「pure white beauty brand」
  • 02.10 launched 「crystal body brand」
  • 01.30 launched 「erasing age brand」 renewal
  • 01.05 launched health functional food 「bone and calcium」
  • 10.07 launched「clear peeling care」
  • 08.19 launched「Cheong-ah」 brand
  • 05.25 launched「clear cleansing oil」
  • 05.20 Won for best cosmetic manufacturing at the 2007 medicine autonomous inspection excellent firm awards by Korea Food & Drug Administration in Daejeon
  • 02.19 launched「pure white beauty vitamin C powder」
  • 11.12 launched「Saenggreen foot care」 「Cheonsang-cho BB CARE danjang」
  • 09.19 「Saenggreen Jabiyeon cream」 voted “Korea Best New Product of the second half of 2007” (Korean Daily Report)
  • 08.21 launched「Saenggreen JABIYEON cream」
  • 08.01 launched「Dojeon」(toner, lotion) renewal
  • 07.01 launched「heukbidan」 hair pack, hair essence
  • 12.23 「The place filled with smell of apricot flowers」 Won for best at the 2007 Korea female consumption (Queen’s Awards)
  • 09.07 Launched health functional food「clear day DHA」
  • 09.05 launched「Saenggreen neck and bust serum」
  • 07.27 Launched liquid extracted tea 「Saenggreen cordyceps militaris gold」
  • 02.09 Launched health functional food 「good morning lactobacillus products」
  • 11.05 launched「night repair essence」
  • 07.07 launched「sae-sun」brand renewal
  • 06.10 launched「cool pack including coolness of bamboo」
  • 05.06 launched「crystal clear」 mask pack
  • 03.09 Specified CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) suitable business(Korean Cosmetic Association)
  • 02.03 launched 「chlorella gold」
  • 01.15 launched「Danjang」(mascara)
  • 11.15 launched「night repair essence」
  • 07.07 launched「saesun」brand renewal
  • 05.08 launched「cool pack including coolness of bamboo」
  • 02.05 launched 「crystal clear」 mask pack
  • 12.31 Seanggreen brand voted “Korea leading brand of 2003” (Seoul Economic Daily)
  • 12.15 launched「danjang」(powder pact)
  • 07.08 Launched health functional food「mansahyungtong」
  • 05.19 Specified HFGMP suitable business, recognized (Korea health supplement food association )
  • 03.06 launched「Changjo」brand
  • 03.03 Won commendation for faithful paying tax on taxpayers’ day (The Ministry of Finance and Economy)
  • 08.19 Launched health functional food 「Alo-vera gold」
    Launched health functional food 「Cheonhapyungjeong」
  • 07.16 Achieved Uninjury record five times (Korea Occupational Safety Agency)
  • 06.08 launched「pure white beauty 」brand
  • 06.08 Ceremony for Cheonan factory and CI proclamation ceremony
  • 02.05 launched「green energy-cheong jeub」
  • 03.03 Won commendation for faithful paying tax on taxpayers’ day (Head of tax affairs of Buk-Incheon)
  • 02.12 Launched health functional food「marathon」
  • 01.18 Launched special nutrient food「Teunteun jung」
  • 10.27 The Institute of Seanggreen Ltd,.co, recognized Enterprise Annex Research Institute (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association)
  • 09.28 Won commendation for sharing love with disabled people (Incheon Mayor)
  • 02.11 launched「Cheonnyun silk」essence
    launched「Queen hopecal」
  • 12.31 Won for the chosen excellent food manufacturer
  • 02.17 launched「Jangbowon」
  • 02.14 launched「Chunsul meahwa」brand
    launched「saenglyuk gold」
  • 06.29 Chosen as a promising small and medium company
  • 02.13 launched「Cheongsun」 brand
  • 12.13 launched「Saesun」brand
  • 02.21 Launched health functional food「Aloe two pieces」
  • 12.30 Acquired Food health nutritional supplement manufacturing business approval (The ministry of health and society No.102)
  • 04.18 Acquired KGMP(Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) approval (The ministry of health and society )
  • 09.11 launched「Sun」brand
  • 12.21 Acquired cosmetics manufacturing approval (The ministry of health and society No.104)
    Acquired sanitary aid manufacturing approval (The ministry of health and society No.126)
  • 03.03 Established Seanggreen Ltd,.co