SAENGGREEN Branch offices recruitment

For the beautiful world, healthy life

With Saenggreen, it’s quite different,

Saenggreen is research development of natral medicine cosmetic, health functional food and manufacture and sale specialized company, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

One, Natural medicine cosmetic and health functional food coporation of 30 year’s tradition
Two,We have been selling products from door to door and through circulation sale for 30 years. We protect our rights and interests, and the head office, and a branch are growimg together based on improvement and mythology.
Three, We haven’t changed the basic of the sales policy for 30 years.
Four, We have almost 170 brunches, running business in Korea
Five, Experienced sales representative about managing brunches, help the brunch all sectors(Managing employes/ Guiding the business/ Edicatopm/ Event, etc) before they grow up
Six, Saenggreen products are sold by the brunches and door-to-door salesmen (Manager), so use it with an easy mind.
Seven, We make excellent products, using natural ingredients and medicine, so many customers buy it again.

Branch establishment recruitment guild

Branch establishment recruitment guild
New operator recruitment guild
Field of business Door to door sales of natural medicine cosmetics, health functional food, and general food.
Subject of recruitment Starting business or full time job seeker / Experienced door-to-door salesman / Experienced person about marketing organization system
Eligibility condition Adults over the age thirty (who want to run business)
A recruitment area In the whole country
Others It is a business which can earn lots of money with little capital, emproyes of the head office will help you so do not worry and appy!
Information for inquiry 080-977-9000 (Collect Call)