pure white beauty

Characteristics of pure white beauty product

The SOON BAEK MEEN RX RX is a whitening specialized line of SAENGGREEN in which the word meaning the beauty with white skin and RX, the abbreviated term of prescription, are synthesized. Combination therapy with Polyphyteris ingredient containing Dryopteris Crassirhizoma extract, the patented ingredient independently developed by SAENGGREEN, along with the patented whitening ingredient of SAENGGREEN, the Pyrus Communis/Prunus Mume flower extract, and the liposomal oil-soluble Licorice extract providing whitening intensive care solution to solve whitening concerns

Functional whitening brand certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety providing a comfortable, pure white and clean skin without skin irritation with the combined synergistic effect of functional whitening ingredients (Licorice extract) and the proprietary patented ingredients of SAENGGREEN, the Dryopteris Crassirhizoma extract and the Pyrus Communis/Prunus Mume flower extract.

Functional whitening component(Oil-Soluble Glycyrrhiza extract+Niacinamide) and Seanggreen’s patented ingredient Medicine ingredient extract have mixing multiplier effect, it’s whitening special bland which is approved by MFDS, making clear and clean skin without skin irritation.